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I'm wondering how many more times I will have to move before the place I'm at will feel like home :/
i think horchata is my new favourite beverage mmmmmm
so, i tried suspending on friday after nearly five years...it didn't go as well as i had hoped, and i was only off the ground for about thirty seconds booo. there are no pictures from the actual suspension because it was dark (but with candles in the yard!).

i have lots to work on until i try again,but i am determined!

bloooood!Collapse )
I think all I ever wanted was appreciation and some consideration, as shallow as that sounds... ugggggggh.
http://americancensorship.org/, tomorrow!
happy [belated because i was in north dakota visiting my mom] birthday palei!!!!!!!

i don't know how we ever got here,but i love you so very much my dear :D
Let the moving begin! Stephanie said she would help me today, so thank SATAN for that :p

I doubt everything will get done today,but I should at least be set-up for moving before the end of the month. I paid rent for this month and I am not even living there haha.

I also had a dream I shaved my hair into a chelsea and it looked quite fetching. Maybe that's a sign that I should shave my head muahahaha.

Where to begin...

I think most of what I have to say will be rather boring, so here is the super condensed version.

I graduated college in 2010.

I "broke-up" with my roommate, i.e. things ended HORRIBLY and we are no longer friends (maybe more on that at a later date).

My wonderful, sweetie pie doggie of 14 years, Puppy had to be put to sleep in May (I doubt I will ever want to talk about that, just typing this makes me tear up :/ ).

I temporarily moved in with my older sister because we were then supposed to move six hours away. That never ended up happening, and now six months later I am moving with my friend Wade.

My job sucks every single day.I realize it is the way it always will be,but I miss being allowed to wear my body jewelry and have strangely coloured hair dammit! I also had to get another job (in-home healthcare) because one job was not cutting it.Ugh is all the commentary necessary for that really.

And really that is all...I am very boring these days. I feel very unaccomplished and a bit lost at the moment. I really thought by now I would have something going for me,but alas no.

My revised plan is now to move in the spring or summer and figure out the rest when I get there haha.

I had a very nice visit with one of my ex-professors Randy and his wife Alicia last night. They are an older couple and just super neat to be around. They always have the best stories to tell me about what they did the in 60's and 70's (many involving nudity and drugs haha) :]

Alicia and I directed The Vagina Monologues together my last semester, much fun! She told me she had all the faith in the world in me that I would do great in the big wide world. It's so nice to get encouragement from unexpected places, she made me cry a couple of times heh. We have decided that we will meet once a month (Randy, her and I) to discuss art, make art, talk about book and music and whatever else. The prospect of this is quite exciting, I always feel waaaaay too "adult" for my friends.

When I get all set-up in my new room at Wade's house, I will start posting more pictures and whatnot.Until then I am going to make it my goal to update at least twice a week. So much time has gone undocumented and that kind of scares me :[

I think it's about time I breathe some new life into this thing....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PALEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!